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KA Italian vs. Caputo

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  • KA Italian vs. Caputo

    I spent yesterday afternoon working with the owner of Dough (local WFO pizzaria of note) on a recipe for a rustic sourdough for his shop. I took along some KA Italian flour to get his reaction and opinion and I thought I would share his comments. He will make pizza dough with it later this week and I will provide those comments when they are available.

    Doug sprinkled some KA on the counter and immediately noted that it was coarser than the Caputo - relatively fine, but coarser. He then sprinkled some Caputo to provide a direct contrast. When rubbed between the thumb and forefinger the Caputo was like talcum powder with no noticeable granules or grains. The KA was distinctly coarser (which I had not noticed before), One could feel very tiny grains that rolled as you rubbed the thumb and finger.

    The key question is that with only one bag each, were the bags representative of their typical product???

    My experiments with the two suggest that the KA gives more of a Roman crust and that the Caputo gives a creamier interior. I can't wait for Doug's results to see if he confirms or denies my assessment. More soon!