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World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

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  • World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

    Just one more reason to hate Dominos

    YouTube - 2008 World's Fastest Pizza Maker
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    Re: World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

    I don't hate Dominoes (or Papa John's or Pizza Hut). I think they have a place in our small society of backyard pizza ovens.

    While everyone in our family prefers our brick-oven pizza, we can still be caught occasionally making the call to Papa John's.
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      Re: World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

      Wow... Pappa Johns... that's slumming it; almost as bad as Dominos or the Hut.

      We call out to one of our local mom-and-pop's if we need take-out or delivery pizza. I like to keep them in business... just in case I have a lazy day!


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        Re: World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

        I call the local shop and they will deliver Dough if i dont have time to make it....


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          Re: World's Fastest Pizza maker ?

          The fastest bad meal I can make is 2 min. flat (hot pockets).