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Making large batches of dough

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  • Mitchamus
    Re: Making large batches of dough

    Originally posted by texassourdough View Post
    I have a big plastic, food grade "tub" that looks like a plastic storage box
    That's a great idea!!
    I'll go to the local hardware store and get one.

    but how big do I need?

    since 1 cup (250ml volume) of flour weights 150g...

    That means the flour will take up around 10 litres of volume.. (9205ml)
    I'll estimate the same weight for the salt & yeast.. ~320ml
    and say 3600ml of water..

    means I need a container -at least- 14L in volume just for mixing...

    so 30L+ to allow for proofing area...

    So the rule of thumb is to treble the weight to get the volume required in litres...

    I think 45L to be safe
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  • texassourdough
    Re: Making large batches of dough

    I have a big plastic, food grade "tub" that looks like a plastic storage box - about 18 inches wide, 30 inches long and 8 inches deep that I make big batches in by hand. This is bread dough and not pizza! So I don't retard it which (along with your refrigerator size) would influence what will work for you. Making dough in a tub is pretty cool and tidy. I mix it, let it autolyze, knead it a bit, rest a few minutes and then fold a few times every 45 minutes for an hour and a half and it's ready to go. While I knead my pizza dough more up front and (especially with Caputo) form it early, I think that approach would work for conventional AP doughs.

    Good Luck!

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  • 70chevelle
    Re: Making large batches of dough

    I've done almost that amount (5000 grams of flour), but in 2 batches (2500 grams each). My Electrolux DLX has handled up to 3000 grams of flour in a single batch and that's about it's limit. So for me, mixing it up isn't an issue, but rising in the fridge can be a handful. I have 2 large tupperware containers for bulk rising. They normally have the tops popped by the end of the rise. I've been thinking of using a food grade 5 gallon bucket and hand kneading the 2 large dough balls together. I'm just not sure how much of an issue it will be getting all that dough out of the container.

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  • splatgirl
    Re: Making large batches of dough

    honestly, it seems like it would be impossible to properly work a 10kg batch on dough all at once on the bench but I'm thinking from a kneading perspective and if you're doing no-knead....
    but that's still an awfully big blob of dough! do take some pictures, won't you?

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  • Mitchamus
    started a topic Making large batches of dough

    Making large batches of dough

    ok - so I don't have a large enough bowl to hold 10kg of dough.

    So my question is, can you make it just on the bench?
    It should be fairly easy to mix & knead on the bench, but for proofing, does the dough need to be contained (i.e. in a bowl) for it to proof properly?

    Obviously - I could make 5x2kg batches of dough - in 5 smaller bowls
    but that sounds like 5 times the work and mess.


    here's my recipe (scaled VPN)

    Flour 5523g
    Water 3590ml
    Salt 166g
    Yeast 22g
    (this will make a 9.3kg batch)

    Will I really need 22g of yeast?

    I'm planning on doing an overnight no-knead method, and then letting the dough balls proof in the fridge for about 10hrs before using.

    What do you guys do for big batches?