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Need tips for flattening the dough balls...

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  • Need tips for flattening the dough balls...

    Is it appropriate to use this forum to ask questions about cooking in our oven? If so, I could use some tips for getting the dough ball to flatten out in such a way as to make a very thin crust pizza. We haven't been very successful at the spinning and throwing and catching on the back of your hand professional method. Our crusts are fine, but we'd like to get them really thin. Any tips? Thanks.

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    Re: Need tips for flattening the dough balls...


    In addition to the Wood-Fired Oven pizza baking tips found on the site here, you can also reference the Cracker Style pizza crust instructions here:

    Cracker Style

    Good luck,



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      Re: Need tips for flattening the dough balls...

      While it is not a method most of us like, rolling is a good way to get thin.

      I am intrigued that you are having trouble getting thin dough, however, that is not usually a problem with hand stretching assuming you do it right. Spinning and tossing in the air is more showmanship than "professional". The best pro I know hand forms on the bench.

      I am going to guess your dough is way stiff, low hydration. Most of us are running at least bakers percentage doughs of 65 and most of us are going higher. (The baker's percentage is the water weight divided by the flour weight, BP 65 is 65 grams of water for every 100 of flour.)

      If you really want to make a thin dough, the recipe is important. Reinhart's Carta de Musica dough and Roman dough are really good thin dough recipes. (in American Pie).

      Good luck!
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        Re: Need tips for flattening the dough balls...

        I used to bartend in a place that was famous for our thin crust pizza,, Brooke Shields was in every saturday night for pizza.. (she lived nearby)(really) I spoke to the old owner who is my neighbor and though he couldnt rememnber the recipe he was sure they used less yeast in their dough than usual... They also had a power roller to flatten the doughs, Hope this helps,