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Reuben Pizza, at long last!

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  • Reuben Pizza, at long last!

    I finally got around to being able to execute this, complete with rye crust.

    I made the "standard" FB dough but subbed in 200g. of dark rye flour for white. I had to use a bit more water than the 325g (maybe like 350-375g.) to achieve the loose consistency I am familiar with using all white flour. I also added a T. of vital wheat gluten since rye flour is low gluten. Let it run for a few minutes longer in the mixer, too, then into the fridge overnight.
    Today it was tasty and nice and stretchy...I was worried it would be less elastic because of the rye flour but it seemed fairly close to what I've been used to, or at least stretchable enough as to not be a problem. I think I am going to try a 50/50 mix of rye/white flour next time with a bit more vital wheat gluten and see what that gets.

    I mentioned this on another thread...the order of the toppings seems critical to making it really tasty. Homemade thousand island went on first, then a generous sprinkle of some caraway seeds I crushed up in my mortar and pestle. Next was shredded swiss cheese, then well drained sauerkraut and julienned corned beef.
    The rye crust performed more or less the same as white in the oven. Nice puff and crisped up well with some char on the bottom. Maybe slightly less tolerant of the super hot heat than white flour crust (I typically use either KA or Caputo and prefer KA.)
    The crispy bits from having the corned beef on top are awesome.

    The caraway seeds totally make it. I did not use caraway in the dough but I may put some in next time. If not, I'm going to be more generous with what I sprinkle on, because they really make it 'reuben-y'
    King Arthur sells some rye flavoring that I will consider trying as well.

    If you are a reuben sandwich lover, you MUST try this. I know it sounds kind of weird, and honestly I thought I was more of a pizza topping purist than this, but it's really, really fantastic.

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    Re: Reuben Pizza, at long last!

    That looks great! Can a Cubano or Muffaleta be NEXT? Good job!


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      Re: Reuben Pizza, at long last!

      I'm very much a traditionalist regarding pizza and toppings (call me a bore if you'd like, you'd be 99% correct if you did)... but this Rubenza has my mouth watering! WOW. Looks totally yummy!


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        Re: Reuben Pizza, at long last!

        That looks great! I like the idea of a cubano too! What, mustard, pickles, swiss cheese, roast pork and Ham? Oh and butter!

        My Oven Thread:


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          Re: Reuben Pizza, at long last!

          A cubano, excellent idea! My second favorite sandwich after the reuben. That is SO happening as soon as I get around to a re-up on roasted pork shoulder.


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            Re: Reuben Pizza, at long last!

            Oh man, that sounds awesome! I don't yet have an oven but there's a trip to the store for some rye flour and wheat gluten in my immediate future...

            Did you use plain kraut or Bavarian? There's no such thing as too much caraway in a Reuben, in my not-as-humble-as-it-should-be opinion.
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