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Cook pizza directly on the oven floor

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  • Cook pizza directly on the oven floor

    I couldn't agree more with James on the cooking of the pizza on the hearth... use flour on your peal and NOT cornmeal.. that is not an Italian Pizza.. they crenge (sp?) at the thought of cornmeal..


    PS Soon to be without an oven for a short time, my house closes on Dec 15th, and then to build a newone in the spring...

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    > What do you think about aluminum pizza trays? How safe are they?
    > stanley

    I use them to carry the pizzas to & from the oven but not for cooking.
    Cook right on the hearth and you get that great chewy thin crust. I
    have a half dozen of them so folks can make their own pizzas before
    transferring them to one of the peels (I have 2 aluminum peels I use).
    If the oven's too hot & I don't want to wait a few minutes to let it
    mellow, I'll use a pizza screen for the first round of pizzas. I don't
    mop my oven, just brush it with a brass brush.