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Post your favorite pizza recipe here

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Post your favorite pizza recipe here

    We are tracking the best pizza recipes here -- it's a sticky thread that will stay at the top of this list.

    Share your favorite.

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    The exotic pie is tuna --- swirl olive oil on the dough disk, spread a
    dollop or two of pesto on that and then crumble tuna onto that (solid
    white Italian packed in olive oil). No cheese or just a drizzle of it
    -- either shredded or sliced whole milk mozzarella.

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      In the gourmet category... my choice is...
      1. A little fig jam on the dough, mozzzarella, and the thinnest sliced prosciutto you can

      2. Grilled eggplant and goat cheese.




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        My philosophy is to never have more than 2 ingredients in addition
        to a tomato sauce, and if there is tomato and cheese, 1 extra
        ingredient only. If it's bianca- 3 ingredients maximum, including
        the herbs.

        My favorite is caramelized spring onions with Greek feta + oregano.

        William Mougayar


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          I like a flat bread appetizer of pear, gorgonzola and olive oil.



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            I like so many different kinds. They play along various themes -- meaty, vegetarian, seafood, summer garden... and on and on. It's such a versatile food.

            For me the trick is to choose complementary ingredients, and not to load the pie down too much. That is, I use any number of different ingredients, but the total load on the pizza is fairly low. It cooks better, looks better, and tastes better.

            I usually use plain tomato sauce (not a seasoned sauce), dried oregano from our garden, and brick-type mozzarella, plus a few slices of fresh mozzarella on top.


            1. Four-Seasons -- capers, red, green, and orange or yellow peppers, mushrooms, and some very thin prosciutto slices on top, placed during the last few seconds of cooking.

            2. Cajun Seafood -- shrimp, tuna, and muscles, peppers, a little basil, and sprinkle with cajun seasoning.

            3. Montana -- I prepare a meat topping from ground pork, beef, and lamb, plus salt, pepper, garlic, and a little allspice and cinnamon. The trick is to grind it very fine and cook it slow, so it stays tender. I break this up (after cooking) onto the pie, add onions, garlic, and mushrooms.



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              what to make as an inaugural pizza.....

              To all,

              my #3 son asked what pizza will we make first when we are done with the oven...I told him that it should be something special...I thought I would let my kids decide as opposed to my stomach. We'll see!!!!!

              It would be great to hear, from all of you, what your first pizza was.

              Thank you,

              Bob C.
              Great pizza, a cold beer,a great cigar and great idea of a great time


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                Staying in practice with a "Five Alarm" pie. I took a handfull of roasted and peeled finger peppers and a handfull of nonpariel Capers and came up with this really "Outspoken" masterpiece.


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                  Five Alarm Envy

                  Howie, that looks and sounds tasty.

                  I will try it.

                  My favorite is a White pizza starting with a sprinkle of grated garlic, then a drizzle of EVO then spicy Italian sausage, diced onion, thin sliced roma tomatos to cover 30% and topped with stalks of Cilantro in a wagon spoke.

                  all of this on as thin a crust as you can get away with.



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                    How about a thin crust, tomato sauce, fresh mozz., and a drizzle of olive oil infused with chili pepper...then the optional hot sausage....

                    Bob C.
                    Great pizza, a cold beer,a great cigar and great idea of a great time


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                      made pizza for 36 on saturday. have learned that we still need more organizational skills and also not to mix red wine and margaritas on an empty stomach. but i digress... my new favorite pizza is:

                      clam with pesto, parm and evoo

                      also, really good was green apple with mozz and prosciotto

                      pictures at the bottom of
                      my site for our pompeii and tandoor ovens


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                        Clams in the shell?


                        I can see how the wine-margherita thing could disrupt even a well-oiled production team. How did you do the clams? In the shell or out? Precooked? And what's evoo?

                        What do you think of a pure Frutti di Mare pizza -- clams, mussels, shrimp and Calamari? My favorite. It's like having pizza and a seafood dinner at the same time. Even the pizza tastes like the clams and mussels.

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                          James--evoo is extra virgin olive oil. ---Mel


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                            too much time on hands ...
                            my site for our pompeii and tandoor ovens


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                              with respect to the clams, we just used the largest ones we could find in a jar. can you imagine pizza for 36 AND shucking clams...

                              i made one shrimp (thai seasoning) pizza in the past. i found that i should have precooked the shrimp, because without the pre-cooking they released too much liquid onto the pizza.
                              my site for our pompeii and tandoor ovens