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  • Crisp Pizza Crust

    I have been making pizza with my FB oven for over a year. I have the dough and sauce down. The fire is coming along as well. What's the secret to getting the crust just right, so that it's not too raw, and not too burn?

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    Re: Crisp Pizza Crust


    good to hear from you...

    The two key's to good crust are the flour and formula you use, and the temperature of the oven..

    Send along a bit more detail and we might be able to add some pointers on how to improve what you already know...

    What recipe do you use for the dough (ingredients and process);

    How thick of a pizza do you usually make? Deep dish thick? or Pizza Margarita thin?

    When you heat your oven, do you get the dome to clear before setting up to cook pizza? And what temp are the cooking floor and the dome when your pizza hit the brick?

    Look forward to hearing from you,


    Do you have any pictures of you oven? Always good fun to see another oven..


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      Re: Crisp Pizza Crust

      Something that I have seen recommended to improve the crispness of pizzas is the hydration level. I have recently started making a higher hydration mix - probably around 67% and there is a lot of crispness in the dough. What hydration level are you currently using??

      / Rossco