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Graduating from a home WFO to commercial equipment - Need advice

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  • Graduating from a home WFO to commercial equipment - Need advice

    Hi guys, I went to the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas recently and my head is spinning when I even think about the oven I want to buy for the pizzeria we are planning. I know one thing I'm looking for a rotating deck oven. I like gas but I will do electric if need be. We will be opening our first shop in Feb of next year so I have some time to get this right when it comes to my oven(s) purchase
    I am used to using a home WFO, I built one in my yard here in Beijing and worked it well for personal use for 4+ years. Made a lot of Neapolitan pies at home and ran it at a floor temperature just around 400 degrees Celsius (750 - 800F) and would pull out a Neo in under 90 seconds. I worked in a Pizza Hut gazillion years ago when I was young and I'm fairly certain I don't want to go with a conveyor.

    For the shop I don't think the WFO will be practical and well given the anti-pollution laws in China I probably couldn't put one in now anyway. I am looking for some advise. I want to offer NY, American, Sicilian, Detroit, Grandma and Roman styles. I'd like to offer Neopolitan as well but will it work? Most of the other styles like to cook at 550-600F. Not the scorching heat I'm used to for Neo. Can I still use the same oven to cook a Neo? Will it be the same at the low temp slower cooking rate you think? I need the most versatile, easiest to manage oven there is.

    Any suggestions on the oven? I am currently looking at the Cuppone Giotto 140, The Volare double decker, The New York Brick Oven Inferno and Fire Show Series, and a few others. In China I do not have the luxury of being able to find staff who've worked I other pizzerias and have experience so I need the simplest ovens to cook with. All suggestions appreciated.

    Always ready for pizza