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Tips for a good pizza restaurant set up

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  • Tips for a good pizza restaurant set up

    Hi all,

    Hopefully, this is the right place to ask!

    We're moving our pizza shop to a new building and have the funding to get some new equipment

    We have very inconsistent dough at the moment and every day is a bit of a dough lottery. This is mostly due to storage and temperature so any tips on this would be welcome

    Our current set-up has a fairly old spiral dough mixer, a couple of fridges and two stacked electric ovens that fit 6x12" pizzas in each

    Has anybody on here got any experience with a successful pizza business in 2023?

    Are there any recipes and equipment that can help to make this optimal? I know there are tons of different bits online but I'd like to see what you think and what's really worth it as some of it can get pretty expensive

    Do we need dough prooving boxes/fridges, walk-in fridges, A/C etc?

    Please let me know. We're hoping to open 1st of August

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    First off, congrats on the big move for your pizza shop! While I'm not exactly an expert in the pizza business, I'm all for good food and exploring new places. Personally, I'm more of a food adventurer than a chef, so I can't give you pro tips on dough consistency, but I'm excited about your journey in setting up a fantastic pizza spot.
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      Best of luck with your relocation, and I hope you can dial in that dough situation before your grand re-opening!


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        Your question on walk-in fridges and A/C is interesting. Walk-ins are great for storage and keeping your ingredients fresh, but they can be a significant investment. As for A/C, maintaining a comfortable working environment is vital for productivity and food safety. Plus, ovens can really heat up a place!
        There's a fantastic Asian food restaurant that serves the best.they have separate stations for different aspects of meal preparation and state-of-the-art equipment. Efficiency and workflow are critical in any food business, and their setup is worth studying for tips.
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