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    Quick Sunday Roast

    Butterfly the meat, I used pork and lamb (my wife does not eat red meat but she eats pork, chicken and fish) slash meat criss cross about an inch apart and an inch deep. Place meat on a roasting rack in a baking pan and rub in your favorite herbs, then squeeze on the juice of a lemon and drizzle with olive oil.
    Meanwhile preheat the oven to about 300c then move the fire to one side and let rest for about half an hour.
    I sit the meat tray on a couple of firebrick splits so as to lift it off the hot floor and to give the top of the meat a more intense heat, once the meat begins to char I move the pan off the splits to a cooler part of the oven. It only needs to cook for about 45mins pending on how you like it (I prefer it a little rare)
    Baked parsnip, French shallots and garlic, drizzle with a little olive oil and herds bake in a heavy based pan for about 15/20 mins.
    I also prepared some cauliflower in camembert white sauce, par boil and drain the cauliflower then pour over the sauce, make a bread crum crumble for the top and cook in the oven 10mins until golden.
    Seved with pumpkin mash and baby snow peas.

    Time taken was only 2 hours from lighting the fire to serving.

    Wine; Gramp's 2006 Shiraz
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      Breakfast Egg Roll

      Cut bottom and top from rolled out pizza dough place bottom on a saucer to form a dish, crack an egg into dough dish and then place on the top and pinch dough together around the edge to seal.
      Cook in the oven (with the fire going) for a couple of minutes, longer if you like your egg firm.
      Hearth temp 280c air temp 320c.

      Tea; English Breafast

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        continued from post #64

        Egg, Sliced Ham and Goats Cheese.

        Left over dough maid into tasty twirls, lay the dough on backing paper spray with olive oil and add your favorite spices.
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          Quince Paste, Pear and Goats Cheese Pide

          Spread quince paste on dough then layer sliced pear and crumble on some goats cheese.

          Cheese and Egg Pide.

          Mash feta cheese with a fork and beat in 2 eggs then fold in grated mozzarelle and tasty cheese.
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            Char Grilled Scotch Fillet of Pork

            Whole pork scotch fillet rubbed with olive oil, lemon juice and Tuscan spices.
            Cooked over hot coals in the oven at 320c for 10min then moved to a cooler spot in the oven for another 20min to cook through until internal temperaure reaches 70c.

            Served with baby carrots, baby bok choy and red wine jus.

            Wine; Hunter Valley Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2010
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              Garlic Prawns in Spanish Tapas Dishes

              An alternative to using cast iron ramekins

              I just bought two of these Tapas dishes and wanted to try them out in the oven.
              The instuctions suggest temp up 250c and I wanted to use them at 350c/400c so I warmed them up by sitting them in the entry of the oven before I put the prawns in and put them in the oven.
              The result was good and much easier to clean than the cast iron, I do think though that you can cook a lot hotter in the cast iron ramekins.
              They will be good for cooking a lot of things that don't need so intense heat like mornay etc.

              Ingrediants the same as when I used the cast iron ramekins.

              I also made naan bread for the first time.
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                Camembert & Quince Paste Pie

                Place cheese on sheet of puff pastry spread on some quince paste or you favorite jam, fold over pastry to seal and brush with egg and water wash cook in oven at 220c until golden brown.

                Laucke Bakers Flour Bread

                Tried out Laucke bakers flour from South Australia to make bread for sandwiches.
                I normally don't make plain white bread but I wanted to taste and test the flour.
                I used only flour, salt, water and a little IDY making a biga to start.
                This is an exellent flour I have used it to make pizza dough with great success and now I am pleased to say it is just as good for bread.
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                  Lamb Curry Slow Cooked

                  Indian Lamb Curry, cubed (leg) lamb, ghee, onion, garlic, bay leaves, curry leaves, coriander, cumin, chlli, ginger, turmeric, paprika, yoghurt and garam masala.
                  When I went to put the curry in the WFO the temperature was 155c which was to hot, so I loaded in a wheelbarrow of firewood (that needed to dry) to pull the temp down, I then put the curry in with the wood while I went to work for the day, hopping that the curry would not over cook.
                  I left the curry in the WFO for 10 hours it went in at 155c and came out at about 85c, the firewood took the heat out enough not to burn the curry.
                  The result!!! it was beautifull meat was really tender and flavorsome.

                  Served with boiled rice, mango chutney, minted yoghurt, poppadoms and reheated nann that I had made previously.

                  Wine; Semillon
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                    Pizza, Prosciutto and Potato

                    Thin sliced prosciutto, olive oil, thinly sliced potato (par boiled) sprinkle with rosemary salt.
                    For the rosemary salt, pound fresh rosemary leaves and sea salt in a mortar and pestle.

                    Pizza, Strawberries and Cream

                    Slice (plump sweet) fresh stawberries, alternate with slices of double or triple cream brie drissel with oilve oil.
                    To serve sprinle with icing sugar and scatter with fresh mint.
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                      Chicken with Fennel Slow Cooked

                      One Chicken cut into pieces, seasoned with your favarite spices.
                      Fennel sliced just the white section.
                      Heat cast iron pot on stove top, brown chicken pieces in oil (I used macadamia oil) remove chicken, then place in the sliced fennel and assemble chicken pieces on top, pour in some unsweetened pineapple juice and vegetable stock.
                      Cook in the WFO with lid on for about 10hrs at 100C.
                      Served with pumkin and cauliflower.

                      Wine; Sparkling Chardonnay
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                        Sweet Chilli and Garlic Prawns

                        Peeled green prawns, garlic, honey, chilli sauce, olive oil and soy sauce cooked in earthenware dish. Dressed with chopped spring onions and sevred with garlic bread (pizza base and garlic butter)

                        Roasted Danish Fetta Cheese

                        Roasted fetta with olive oil and Tuscan spices cooked in Tapas Dish

                        Wine; Sparkling Chardonnay
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                          Two Pizzas

                          1. Hungarian Salami, Organic Mozzarella, Semi Sundried Tomatoes, Vintage Cheddar, Fresh Asparagus and Oilve Oil

                          2. Quince Paste, Prosciutto, Pear, Goats Cheese and Olive Oil
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                            Spanakopita using pizza dough instead of filo pastry.
                            Fresh spinach blanched and drained, fetta cheese, ricotta cheese, vintage cheddar cheese, freshly ground dill seeds, eggs, ground black pepper, sesame seeds and oilve oil.
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                              Fruit Strudel

                              Strudel using pizza dough, rollout dough sprinkle generously with Dutch cinnamon then spread with small pieces of butter.
                              Dice up dried fruit such as sultanas, dates, walnuts, apricots spread over the dough and sprinkle with brown sugar.
                              Roll up and drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with sugar crystals.
                              Bake until golden.
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                                Chicken Stroganoff Slow Cooked

                                Chicken cut into pieces, onion, garlic, plain flour, spices, mushrooms, paprika, chicken stock, olive oil and sour cream.
                                Roll chicken pieces in seasoned flour and brown in olive oil, use cast iron pot on stove top.
                                Remove chicken pieces and drain then add onion and garlic, saute until soft add paprika and your favorite spices, return chicken to the pot and add 1 cup of chicken stock cover and place in WFO at 105 to 110c for several hours.
                                When ready to serve stir through 2 tablespoons of sour cream.

                                Served with pottato mash, baby green beans and broccolini
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