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  • david s
    If you have plenty try quartering then lengthwise and place them on a rack in the oven (warm only) and semi dry them. I usually sprinkle them with a little salt and sugar before placing them in the oven. Don't forget them though or they'll dry right up. They are the best semi dried tomatoes you've ever had.
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    Re: Whats Cooking at Karangi Kitchen


    The food looks mouth watering.


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  • Karangi Dude
    Chistmas Lunch

    5kg Turkey butterflied and marinated with Cuban sour orange mojo marinade.
    Cooked the turkey on a rack 500 x 360mm but had to use 2 trays 460 x 300 as I did not have a single tray big enough.
    Marinated the flesh side of the turkey with the mojo marinade, cooked it skin down for 45mins and then turned it to brown up the skin side, cooked it until the internal temp of the thigh was 62c.
    I left some ashes off to one side and put a small piece of spotted gum on the ashes for a little smokey flavour

    Potato, zucchini, capsicum, eggplant, tomato, oregano, garlic, olive oil, salt, black pepper, tomato puree and water.

    Seved with baked French shallots and cranberry gravy with Greek feta on the vegetables

    Cooking time 1.5hrs
    Temperature approx 240c

    Wine; Sparkling Shiraz
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  • Karangi Dude
    I let the fire die down put the rack of pork in for about 10mins then took out all the coals except one small piece about 6'' long, I left it there for a little smoke as it was still ''just'' burning.
    Note how I put the tray off to one side as I had moved the fire off to the other side so the heat would not be so intence where I was cooking.
    I cooked the rack uncovered with the door on (except for the first 10mins) for about 1.5hrs at about 220c
    The potatoes went in about halfway they only needed about 40mins I spread them out on a heavy based tray and turned them a couple of times so as not to burn the bottom
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  • Karangi Dude
    Christmas Sweet Pork (Middle Loin 14'' long) Rack

    We had an early Cristmas last weekend my Son flew in from Western Australia his partner from Victoria my Daughter from Victoria and her partner from Queensland as they won't be hear for Christmas we had 4 days hear at Karangi NSW to catch up and celebrate Christmas.

    For Sunday lunch I cooked a pork rack, potatoes and capsicum with olive oil and chives and my wife made a red and white cabbage salad.
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  • Karangi Dude
    Grilled Meats, Potato Gratin and Sweet Corn

    Grilled Lamb Ribbs, Pork Ribbs and Chicken
    Marinated the the meat for a couple of hours in lemon juice, olive oil, fresh herbs and garlic then layed them out on racks on a baking trays.

    Potato Gratin, par boiled and thinly sliced Dutch Cream potatoes pan fried fresh Leak from our garden and arranged in layers in a baking dish with Italian herbs, goats cheese, fresh cream with a drissle of olive oil and a little chedar cheese.

    Sweet Corn, picked strait from our garden still with the husk on.

    Cooking Temp; about 280 / 300c
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  • Karangi Dude
    Big Breakfast for 10

    Baked Tomatoes, halved tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkle of Italian herbs

    Grilled Bacon, slices of bacon spread onto a rack placed over a backing tray

    Mushrooms, with fetta cheese, olive oil, basil pesto and chives

    Lightly Poached Eggs, cacked eggs onto a none stick backing tray poured in half a cup of water cooked uncovered until just soft

    Cooked bacon, eggs and mushrooms first and then cooked the eggs for a couple of minutes with the door on and just a few hot coals left over from the night before
    Served on toasted light rye hearth bread

    Cooking Temperature 240c
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  • Sharkey
    Hi Doug

    I tried your strawberry and brie cheese pizza the other night and I have to say it was a huge hit. I also added a handfull of blueberries and dusted with icing sugar before cooking to get some caramelisation and then dusted again before serving.

    We served this with a 2008 Torbreck 'The Bothie', which is a non-sticky dessert wine that worked really well with the fruit.

    Absolutely superb!
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  • Karangi Dude
    Standing Rack of Pork Roast and Morrocan Lamb Roast

    Sweet pork ribs and lamb rump with Morrocan spice rub, cooked in the WFO (without fire) at 210c for an hour and 15mins note; the oven was fully equalised.

    The crackling on the pork came out crunchy and the meat was nice and juicy.
    The Morrocan spices were very flavoursome and the meat was also juicy.

    Served with baked sweet potato and steamed greens
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  • Karangi Dude
    Blue Berry Muffins,

    I used fresh blue berries but I put them in the freezer for a while until the were just starting to freeze this retards the cooking of the berries so they stay nice and plump.

    Baked in fully equalised oven at 220c for 28mins
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  • Karangi Dude
    High Tin Off White Sandwich Loaves

    Allied Mills Superb Bakers Flour, Salt, Active Dry Yeast and Water.
    Made a poolish and main mix of 63% hydration baked at 220c in the fully equalised oven for 25mins until 90c inside temp.
    To cool I light the gas oven for just a minute or two then turn it off and place the loaves in the warm oven to slowly cool before slicing and freezing.
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  • Karangi Dude
    Tony Gemignani Style Pizza Dough

    I tried the Tony Gemignani method using Allied Mills Pizza Flour I convirted the percentages from the Video to metric it came down to;
    1000 gms Flour
    617 gms Water
    12 gms Salt
    3 gms Yeast (I use ADY)
    I mixed the dough in our Kenwood mixer for 10 mins on low so as not to create to much heat, I then turned out the dough onto the work bench kneeded for a minute or two then balled it up into 270gm balls put them in separate containers (I use those cheap take away ones) and put them in the fridge.
    I made the dough 7am Tursday morning put them in the fridge until Saturday afternoon and then let them warm up for a couple of hours before use.
    Total fermentation time about 58hrs cold 2 hrs warming up.
    I was pleasantly surprised this dough worked really well for a dough that only has 61.7 % hydration. After the balls wramed up the dough was silky and smooth very easy to form into shape and cooked beautifully almost got the leoparding that you so often talk about, My temps were about 420c and I had flames up the side of the oven.
    Taste was as good as I have made using the biga method, my Wife and Daughter certainly gave it the nod of approval.

    Pizzas, the first was plain garlic (garlic and olive oil) the second classic margherita
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  • cobblerdave
    Gudday Doug
    Great to see somemore of your cooking its been a while, I have also tried oysters and find they cook great at the higher temps so they make a great starter before pizza

    Click image for larger version  Name:	oysters.jpg Views:	1 Size:	1.11 MB ID:	287713

    Can't wait to try some of yours like the idea of the brie and the sage butter yummm
    That rocksalts the go had a few shells tip and lost a little of the great juices that will stop it

    Regards Dave
    They should have a yummmm smilies face don't you think?
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  • Karangi Dude
    Oysters, Kilpatrick, Bechamel, Brie & Chives and Burnt Butter with Sage

    Shuck fresh oysters (I use Sydney Rock Oysters out of the Nambucca River) drain excess juice and place on baking tray covered in about 12mm rock salt (salt slows down the high heat of the hearth and spreads the heat evenly around the oyster shells.
    Add your favorite toppings:

    fresh smoked bacon and Worchestire sauce and freshly ground pepper.

    make fresh bechamel sauce and add your own flavor eg: cheese or mustard.

    slices of brie and sprinkle with diced chives.

    Burnt Butter with Sage;
    make fresh sage butter and drizzle with a little lime juice.

    Cook in the WFO until juices start to bubble about 2 to 3 mins.
    Temperature: Hearth; 380c Walls; 410c cook quickly to retain freshness and NOT dry out the oysters.
    Served with small salad of greens and toasted seasoned Turkish bread with a drizzle of olive oil.

    Wine: Sparkling Chardonnay
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  • Karangi Dude
    Chicken Stroganoff Slow Cooked

    Chicken cut into pieces, onion, garlic, plain flour, spices, mushrooms, paprika, chicken stock, olive oil and sour cream.
    Roll chicken pieces in seasoned flour and brown in olive oil, use cast iron pot on stove top.
    Remove chicken pieces and drain then add onion and garlic, saute until soft add paprika and your favorite spices, return chicken to the pot and add 1 cup of chicken stock cover and place in WFO at 105 to 110c for several hours.
    When ready to serve stir through 2 tablespoons of sour cream.

    Served with pottato mash, baby green beans and broccolini
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