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My Precast build

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    Re: My Precast build

    Originally posted by Cress View Post
    As of my attempts to go on the floor have resulted in burnt bottom raw top
    But my daughter see's any black she will say I burnt it
    A good pizza should have a touch of charring, IMO...

    Aim for around 350oC floor temp for a good pizza.... do not put on too much topping and if the top needs a little more when the base is done then hold it up close to the dome roof with peel, it will be super hot up there and will finish off the top.....


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      Re: My Precast build

      The top will cook better if you maintain a flame by having a fire on the side.
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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        Hi All

        Just A follow up on this oven as I have seen some comments regarding cracking on these type of ovens over some time
        and people have been concerned about what oven to build.
        I can report No cracking in my oven and its still makes the best pizza's and roasts

        I also have found that running the dome at about 380 C (laser thermo) seems to be the sweet spot for it

        So if anybody is wanting to build a precast type oven make sure you do it right and it will last.