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    Hi Guys

    I am new to the forum and really keen on building the 36'' Pompeii but first i am trying to work out some rough costs. I am just wondering where the best places are to buy firebricks, I live in Mackay, Queensland and after getting a quote from my local brick supplier i am getting a rough cost of $5 a brick and just want to see if this is expected or the prices everybody else managed to get.

    Regards Will

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    Re: Fire Brick Costs

    G'day Will
    That doesn't sound unreasonable. Claypave at Dimore, Ipswich sells them last time I checked for $4.40 ea and they make them there. So with transport costs that a pretty fair price. Given where you live, if you hunt around there's a chance of secound hand from the sugar mills. They change them out on a regular basis before they fail. So there still heaps of use left especially at the temps achieved in a wood fired oven.
    If you don't consume your brick up with 4 cuts to each you'll need about 150 bricks. That's floor and dome for a mtr dome. You can build the entrance of ordinary brick. Mines lasted four good years and I consider it a good option. Especially considering our climate as firebrick is not waterproof and ordinary brick is at least water resistant.
    If you are considering going the brick common or clay paver route unfortunately there is no way of testing which ones are more suitable. I would still use firebrick for the hearth floor.

    Hope something here helps
    Regards Dave
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