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  • Christmas cheer

    Season Greetings to All WFO'ers.

    The oven is fired up, as I am attempting a Turducken for the first time, 7.4kg beast now about half way through cooking for our family feast tonite.

    Adelaide has had a beautiful day, currently 21deg C. Should be a wonderfully mild evening to enjoy an ale or two, and the odd red wine with our Xmas roast meal this evening.

    Tomorrow is about enjoying wonderful local oysters, prawns and mussels, along with Red Gum Smoked leg of ham, and leftover turducken with salads. Should be a relaxing family day at home.

    I wish all a very safe and enjoyable festive season wherever you are.

    Happy Christmas


    "All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy"

    Spike Milligan

    "It is only impossible if you stop and think about it"
    The Pirate Captain

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    Re: Christmas cheer

    And a Happy Xmas from me too.

    Damn, my boy was talking Turducken a couple of days ago. Let us know how it goes. I think we bought a Turkey breast for last night's dinner, but went with a whole bird instead, so the combo dish could be on in the new year.

    With all the rushing around in work and at home before Xmas and the cooking and celebrations yesterday, do you know what I've done today? Abso-bloody-lutley sod all. Glorious...