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Big bush fire near Adelaide

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  • Big bush fire near Adelaide

    There's currently a major bush fire going near Adelaide. Country Fire Service say they can't put a figure on the number of homes lost.
    Spokesman said they were concentrating on saving lives, stopping the fire not possible in the terrain.
    Some areas have been told its too late to run, they'll have to stay and fight right where they are. Hope they've all given their fire pumps a test run.

    Rumour is, someone with a backyard incinerator lit it on an "Extreme Fire Danger" day and a spark set the bush alight. Biggest fire since Ash Wednesday 1983.
    When asked who would do such a thing, the guy replied "Someone who is going to regret it." Certainly some dumb b@$tards out there, which would be fine if they didn't hurt anyone else.

    I am in town, no bush around, but I still rescheduled our planned New Year's pizza party for a cooler, calmer day.

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    Re: Big bush fire near Adelaide

    Anonymous interview in the Sunday paper: tenant of property where fire started swears he has never used the backyard incinerator.


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      Re: Big bush fire near Adelaide

      It is amazing the amount of grief that one small act of stupidity can generate.

      I have been noticing the temps soar down your way. We have the opposite here and it is warm and wet. Biggest health issue here at the moment is being deafened by the roar of mowers and whipper snippers.

      I hope it ends well for the people who are on the wrong end of that disaster.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: Big bush fire near Adelaide

        So is there a ban on using wood fire ovens in back yards around the area of Adelaide?


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          Re: Big bush fire near Adelaide

          I am happy to report that commonsense prevails. The Country Fire Service has published a very user friendly code of practice.

          From memory - check for yourself:
          If the oven has a 1.2 metre flue, a spark arrestor (mesh?) on top, and a few other things, it is deemed a "properly constructed fire place".
          Spark arrestor across the entrance, maybe? Something like that, I think I remember.

          In a situation where the vegetation/combustible clearances specified in the code of practice are followed, and they are not too onerous, and you have the proper spark arresting devices, it can be used on certain days.
          I think you cannot use it on days with "Total Fire Ban" or "Extreme Fire Danger" ratings.
          So, very sensible compromise, I reckon, but anyone who wants to use an oven in summer should read the code for themselves.


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            Re: Big bush fire near Adelaide

            Living in a very high bushfire area of Greenhill, I built my oven with spark arrestor and all necessary precautions to meet requirements to use in summer, but I am still selective on the days I use it.

            Certainly not on Total Fire Ban days, and often not on days where I could use it when restrictions don't apply, but I choose not too leave myself open to be accused of starting a fire. By this I mean that if some nutter were to light a fire up the road and my oven is chugging away, I don't want to have to explain myself to the authorities that it wasn't my oven that started it, or have a regular visit by the CFS every time someone sees smoke from my backyard.

            Common sense prevails.


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