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Calsil or Council brick?

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  • Calsil or Council brick?

    Hi All,

    Please can someone with knowledge of Australian bricks shed some light on the brick in the photo.

    Are they a "calsil" brick or a "council" brick. I may have misinterpreted a common bricky term at some point in my travels.

    They are hard, yet crumble dont shard like a paver. They are very white, sandy, and heavy.
    I need them to make a chimney arch, and dont want them to fall apart in 6 months time. Will they hold up to riggers of heat stresses.

    Cheers all.
    The build has started. 40" pompeii. With mosaic tile exterior.

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    Re: Calsil or Council brick?

    Calsil is basically concrete being lime silica sand and water it will deteriorate at temps over 450c so I would not use for a chimney, they also are very adsorbent