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Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

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  • Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

    Little bit confused regarding the Caputo flour thats available in Aus. Are the red 1kg bags essentially the same as the Blue 25kg bags? Supplier has told me it is but I could have sworn I read a few posts on this forum saying otherwise tried searching but can't find it!

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    Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

    It seems like you have a lack of answers and sorry I don't use Caputo flour. I've tried it of course everyone does. I didn't think it was worth the effort to get hold of a steady supply. I just use wallaby bread flour because it gives a good result and you can buy it at the supermarket.
    The single thing that had the biggest impact on my dough making was discovering resting the dough in the fridge overnight, it really makes the difference.
    Regards dave
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      Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

      Evro50, sorry I missed your post earlier. Confusion regarding the different-colored bags is common. More confusing is the fact that Caputo sells different protein levels of their flours and packages them in red and blue bags. If you want pizza flour, make sure you buy the bag with a pizza graphic on the front, not all the other baked goods.

      This should help:


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        Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

        Thats the one, couldnt find it when I searched. Thanks mate based on the picture in that thread it is indeed the same flour as they both have the pizza on the front. Appreciate the help!

        Appreciate the input cobbler dave, time to get cracking curing is almost done!


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          Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

          I use the blue one it is made to use in pizza ovens I believe.

          Only problem has to be bought in 25kg bags. I have tried the red also and still prefer the blue but only a slight difference.

          The blue I feel cooks better in a hotter oven.

          Cheers Colin

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            Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

            The differences in some of the flour products is not critical IMHO. I use a combination of OO Caputo Molino, wholemeal stoneground and semolina in the ration of 7:2:1 and that works fine for me and gives me a thin base with a little airy pillow around the edge.

            The significant differences come in the handling of the dough and how it is managed. The methods of managing the mix, the temps, the amount and varieties of yeast, mature in the fridge or on the bench, how much kneading and the rest. It is easier to apply science to the process if it is in a completely controlled environment but if not it is what works in your own environment.

            A recent article that I read suggested that baking was an exact science but that can only apply in strictly controlled environments.

            Even the failures can be acceptably tasty and when all of the baking gods come on side it is just bliss..............
            Cheers ......... Steve

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              Re: Caputo Flour Red vs Blue

              A recent article that I read suggested that baking was an exact science but that can only apply in strictly controlled environments
              For me, the ability to test and make changes to pizzas, particularly dough, is what makes WFO-cooking such a labor of love. There are so many product/recipe variables, that the search for the perfect crust/pie is as elusive as ever. Invariably, I find myself trying to translate feedback from that night's guests' preferences for next time.

              If you take a gander over at, you'll see rather serious testers. The members there have compiled an impressive volume of skills and knowledge (some with over 2,000 catalogued test pies) that they're only too happy to share.

              After reading about their findings and results, I only wish I'd started sooner.

              Since this is a flour thread I was hoping to get feedback on some flours I recently discovered at an Italian store close to my house. Does anyone have experience with any of the following 00 flours? I understand Tony Gemignani used the San Felice flour in one (2007) of his many World Cup Championship-winning pizza doughs.