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Portuguse Pizza Ovens question

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  • Portuguse Pizza Ovens question

    I have been researching Pizza ovens for some time now and have come across the "Pizzaioli" and "Brazza" ovens imported from Portugal to Australia. Price wise they are fantastic. They also seem to hit all the right points in terms of ready built, insulated (top and bottom), thicker floor tiles, and size (80cm internal dimensions for the CK-100).

    I have seen some threads before but it seems it people that may have the older, un-insulated model.

    Does anyone have first hand knowledge (or 2nd hand) of these ovens and how they perform for pizza and roasting of meats and veggies?

    Importer in Aus is Wood Fired Oven (Pizzaioli)
    They are the same as the ones in UK at BBQ and ovens-Brick wood fired ovens, cast stone and brick barbecues (Brazza and Pizzaioli)