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Polito wood fire ovens question?

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  • Polito wood fire ovens question?

    Has anyone DIY built a Polito oven, or bought a ready made one? I have been out to look at their ovens and they look pretty good. Very similar to the Valoriani but with a nicer front arch. I am rather keen on it but I wanted to see other people's experience.

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    I considered the polito and the valoriani.
    It is such a good looking oven. But for various reasons I ended up going with the valoriani.

    I'm in Sydney so they would have had to haul the oven from Melbourne. Funny, cause I had to wait for them to haul my valoriani from Italy.


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      Are you happy with the Valoriani? Someone told me that the only issue seems to be holding temperature in the floor (which would be easily fixed by using an adiditonal layer of CalSil board under the floor). Its a toss up for me between the two - luckily I am in Melbourne so Polito is in front.


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        I was tossing up between the polito, valoriani but top of my list was the Four Grand-Mere. Again for various reasons I went valoriani and the sentimental reason that I'm touching Italy whilst cooking was one of those factor.

        Didn't like the shape of the Alfresco ovens and couldn't get through to Forno Bravo in Oz. Phones and emails weren't working.

        As you can see in my thread I've just started curing it for the past 4 days. And we absolutely love love. Started cooking little foods with the curing fire.

        Although I've started building a more intense curing fire I haven't gone maximum heat yet. The oven is holding up very well. I can barely feel the heat on the dome. But only yesterday I felt the bottom and it was very warm. I only used a 75mm hebel and 10mm cement sheet. I would be happy if it stays that warm during the maximum burn. But I should have used more insulation in the base. But so far so good. No complaints yet other than crappy bunnings hard wood
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          Btw, there is a TV chef that uses the polito oven. Good Chef Bad Chef I think the show is called. The little blonde dude.


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            Thanks Pizza Charlie. Good luck with your Valoriani. I spoke to the FB guys in Brisbane and they told me that the Valoriani and Polito has under-performing floor insulation. Its easy enough to add CalSil during the build I assume, so maybe that will be the approach.

            I'll also speak to Antonio Polito and get his advice if I choose his oven (likely at this stage)


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              Decision made. I put a deposit on the Polito. I spoke at length to Antonio and he was really helpful. Not pushy at all - in fact he gave me plenty of advice even if I chose the Valoriani. Now to finish off the landscape works so that the minister of finance (aka the wife) will Ok the start of the WFO build.

              Donatello chosen.


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                Good work. I would have gone for the Donatello had I gone with Polito. Keep us posted over the next few weeks and months during your build.


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                  I have a question..

                  What did you use to render the oven? Polito suggest simple sand and cement but I note the Valoriani video shows Dunlop render.