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Looking for chimney extension in Australia

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  • Looking for chimney extension in Australia

    I finally got around to putting a roof over the bbq and pizza oven but now I would like to have the chimney extend through the roof. I am looking for a stainless steel, 8" diameter 45" long chimney but I can't seem to find one locally (Redcliffe, Qld 4020) any tips?


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    This is and older thread but it mentions several flue suppliers in the Brisbane area.

    I also recall there was a build down in your end of the world where they went to a pipe fabricator and they had some cutoff SS pipe and also fabricated a connecting end flange for him. Might be work looking in that direction as well.
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      I am hoping for something off the shelf because as it is I am going to have to try and find some flashing for a curved corrugated roof. But it would not be too difficult to get one made up, not sure about the double wall requirement or if that is necessary.

      Thanks for the links, I will see what they have to offer.


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        Try Abbey Fireplaces.
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          Got mine from Mr Stoves in Brissy, was cheaper than most as well. Not sure of those funny measurements, but 200mm available, and flue sections are 900mm long iirc.
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