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Advice on wood types in Sydney

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  • Advice on wood types in Sydney

    Hi. Looking for advice on what wood types you all think is best and easily available in Sydney.

    I buy wood once a year or so for my pizza oven from Ample firewood at flemington

    In have around me a few tree loppers who always put cut up gum in their front yards for free pickings

    I've never taken any as it is quite green and I do know if gum is any good n a pizza oven for high heat

    What do you guys think ?

    If I grabbed some and let it season for a few years, is gum good enough or not?


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    I use foraged wattle and gum exclusively if it is green it will take about a year per inch of thickness 2'' a year if well ventilated so large logs should be split green


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      The best wood is free wood, but try to throw some hardwood in there after the fire's been going for about half an hour.In Australia Gidgee is the best I've ever used, it is so dense you feel like you've just picked up a piece of steel. Because of its density white ants don't touch it so it's great for fence posts out west. Next best i've found is red gum.
      I love getting wood.
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        I use wood from my property and it is all gum - IMO you should collect any free wood you can.