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  • Steel Frame advice

    howdy, I've been getting advice in another thread but was beginning to hijack.

    Building a 90cm Pompeii style oven in Melbourne and about to have a steel frame fabricated. It's a corner installation (preferably)

    my estimate is the oven oven and hearth should come in around 1600kg conservatively.

    The stand I was planning of making out of square hollow tube.
    Im thinking 100x50x3.0mm for the bottom of the stand and the base of the hearth joined together using 50x50x3.0mm uprights.
    Hebel hearth so many supports (6 total) giving a spacing of about 190mm.
    Diagnal bracing on each corner upright
    and extra uprights in between each corner giving 11 total.

    Rough sketch attached

    Does this sound reasonable?
    Could I get away with using 50x50x3.0 through the whole thing?
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    Because most of the weight is well inboard of the perimeter, you can cantilever the Hebel slabs over the stand which reduces a considerable amount of material and allows you to stand more comfortably right up to the edge of the supporting slab.
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      Not sure why but my photos were deleted, try again: