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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and live in sunny Adelaide, South Australia.

    I'm trying to build a budget DIY oven but struggling a bit with a budget option for the chimney. I don't want to just put galvanised pipe on it as it won't last, so has anyone got any ideas where I could get some stainless steel tube that doesn't cost the earth, or offer an alternative material?


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    You donít say what size your oven is, but for ovens in the 650-1000 mm diam you need a 150 mm (6Ē) pipe or cross sectional area equivalent for a square or rectangular chimney. A clay drainage pipe could be a good and cheap solution for you but you would have to insulate it or it will crack. A steel boiler pipe is another alternative. Being much thicker than a galvanised pipe, rust issues are reduced..
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      Thanks very much David, I'll visit my local plumbing and heating suppliers tomorrow and see what boiler pipe I can get hold of, seems like the way to go.


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        I'm in the same boat so please keep posted on what you find.