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Suitable Ozzie timber varieties for WFO

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  • Suitable Ozzie timber varieties for WFO

    I've just had a couple of huge gums cut down, grey gum so the feller says. I don't think they're a eucalypt so could they be ok to cook with ?
    Anyone with knowledge on ozzie woods out there ??

    Vince Ieraci

    This is rocket science.

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    Gretsch, if your still out there or anyone else interested,
    The best option is to familiarise yourself with your local timbers and make sure they are well seasoned. Grey Gum could be one of a number of different Eucalypt species, depending on the location and local names. Most species of Eucalypt should be suitable if properly seasoned. You could talk to your local Aboriginal Land Council and see if they have any traditional knowledge of good timbers to use, also your local Forestry Department or Parks and Wildlife. Otherwise maybe your nearest WF pizza restaurant chef. Charcoal chicken shops can usually supply bagged charcoal such as Mallee known to be slow burning and flavour inducing. River Red gum from Australia's inland waterways is also well regarded. Some species of Wattle produce good hot coals, but others have headache inducing smoke, so CAUTION must be exercised, as old railway sleepers for example are possibly treated with nasty chemicals, and other species are known to have natural toxins, so do your homework first or stick with the tried and tested ones. Happy cooking.

    If you have such local knowledge please share it here.
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