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Base and internal walls cracking

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  • Base and internal walls cracking

    just wondering if there’s any way to replace my oven brick base and also to fix cracks that are inside at the back of the oven
    cheers Aron

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    Hi Aron,

    That kind of depends on what the floor and dome are made of. If the floor is made of fire bricks and they've been laid loose, then they may be removable. If the oven has been built on top of the floor rather than around it, then the bricks at the perimeter will be impossible to remove. It is usually the centre of the floor that takes a beating from the fire so these should only be the ones that need replacing. Cracks are normal and should not impede the performance of the oven. Remember that there are two types of ovens, those that have cracks and those who have owners who lie about their ovens having cracks.
    If the dome is a cast section you can try to fill the crack or if it is brick, gouge some of the mortar out where it requires repair and try some home-brew mortar. Best to dampen the area well before filling cracks, keep the area moist by propping a wet sponge on a stick to hold moisture in, allow a week to dry before firing. Then keep your fingers crossed. Most repairs of this nature are unsuccessful but worth a try.

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