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    Ok, I know that there is a risk of asking a question here in the Oz forum, that may have been asked and answered already, but I figure that because I am after specific Australian answers, (and more specifically Victorian answers) this question is warranted (even though I have asked it before in the Bread forum)

    Have any Aussies had any experience with trying to sell bread or pizza or some produce from their oven that they have built at home, for commercial purposes?

    I don't want to bore you all with the specifics of my situation again (see Selling your bread in the bread forum) but any info about this form anyone in Oz would be great, seeing as how the Australian Standards are supposed to be applied nice and consistently, nation wide.

    Any advice or info would be sooo very much appreciated.


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    Re: Australian Specific

    Hey Nic,
    It would i guess depend on if you wanted to do it as a full time thing or just a weekend venture. I know my wife and I were toying with doing some cooking of Japanese Pancakes from home and from the local markets...but we found the food standards went into a commercial level where you needed a commercial kitchen with a food standards approved procedures and proper industral fridges. These included things like approved courses to be attented, hair nets, ect ect. We found it too hard and too much hassle. Dont know what it is like in Vic, but here in WA they are fairly hard on things like that which I guess is a good thing. At least you know the food you get is to a certian standard. But...I think it would be a great idea! I love cooking in my oven...and the only thing better than other people enjoying your cooking, is when they pay to enjoy it!!!!

    Good luck with whatever you do.




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      Re: Australian Specific

      contact your local council Health Departments for all the answers to your questions.
      They are responsible for all restaurants and food preparation businesses in their locality and can provide you with whatever you want.
      I too, think that the red tape and equipment necessary will be all too hard for your 'casual' setups for special events.
      I envisage that you will have to heavily commit financially to get all that is needed and you would need to turn it into a full time committment.

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