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  • Pizza oven tools in Calgary

    One of the challenges we've had since building our pizza oven this year is finding the tools. Our friend who convinced us we needed to build a WFO (because he didn't have room in his yard) bought us a square 12" peel from a restaurant supply store. I ended up ordering a brass brush / scraper from Hendrix restaurant and am using an old corn broom for cleaning out ashes before cooking pizza because the shape of the brass brush doesn't quite clean to the edges.

    The last few weeks I've searched and searched to try to find a turning peel. I checked all the restaurant supply shops and barbecue places with no luck. I was to the point of accepting that I needed to spend way over $100 to get one shipped out from a supplier in Ontario (imported from Italy) when I stumbled upon the website for Artisan wood fired ovens ( Their peels are Canadian made and the turning peel, even after shipping was under $90. The peel is excellent quality - very solid feeling, but light enough and really well balanced. I am rather delighted.