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  • Looking for Supplier in Montreal

    Looking to make two pizza ovens. Never made one before so I intend to make the first one at my cottage to learn on a budget and the secound one at home.
    Looking for suppliers for bricks and mortar to start. Love the info and supplies on this site too but need to find something local for heavy stuff and quick and urgent stuff.
    I live on the South Shore and cottage is near Morin Heights so a supplier within a 60 mile/100km radius of Downtown Montreal would be Ideal

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    Hi, I plan to build one in the Laurentians. Looking for the right firebrick myself. Let me know if you found what you were looking for.. thanks


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      Hi guys. I'm a LONG ways away from you on Vancouver Island. However, I've done a LOT of searching for CalSil board and had a heck of a time sourcing it in Canada. I finally found it at Crossroads C&I. they have locations in Quebec City and Montreal.
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        Hi, I round THE place for everything we need. Its in Montréal....https://www.materiauxrefractairesdir..._Firebrick.pdf