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Restaurants in northern England?

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  • Restaurants in northern England?

    Greetings from Texas!

    I will be leaving next week for a two week trip in northern England (Manchester, Leeds, York, Durham, Seahouses, Hawkshead and environs). I hadn't thought of asking for restaurant recommendations until the previous posting on the London area.

    Would welcome recommendations for restaurants (wood fired especially but all suggestions welcome!)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Restaurants in northern England?


    Hello Jay

    I have severely reprimanded myself and given myself a good poke in the eye for not seeing this post earlier.....I shall now check the Europe forum on a daily basis.

    I have my fingers in many pies regarding culinary topics within the UK and would love to give any info that I can accumulate to people visiting the UK regarding places to stay, visit, or even traditional wood-fired oven pizzeria's that are in the region of your visiting premiss.

    Again my sincere apologies, Jay for not seeing your post "in time", but I would be more than willing to advise anybody, either in the open forum or by PM if they would like any info on a particular region when visiting the UK.

    Honi soit qui mal y pense

    My 2nd Pompeii build.....


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      Re: Restaurants in northern England?

      Hi Terry!

      I am back now. Had a couple of decent to good conventional pies but no WFO or exceptional experiences on my trip. But I did my best to create a shortage of cask ales!