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Emergency Pizza from Supermarket

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  • Troy33
    I have tried some frozen pizza's from supermarkets but they always turn out in a big disappointment. When I don't have time to make one I order it. .although I think making one yourself makes the pizza even more tasty.

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  • cleverdick
    started a topic Emergency Pizza from Supermarket

    Emergency Pizza from Supermarket

    OK, so what to do when you need pizza, but for whatever reason it's not actually a pizza-making, oven-firing day?

    You could get a pre-made one from the grocery store. The trouble is, as we know, most of them are virtually inedible. However I have found one exception, and that's the Italiamo range from Lidl. I must say, for frozen pizzas, these are really, really good.

    (Anyone else tried these?)