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Wood fired restaurants in UK?

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  • Wood fired restaurants in UK?

    Hi from Essex in the UK, can anyone recommend a good wood fired restaurant in London or surrounding area?


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    Re: Wood fired restaurants in UK?

    there are loads in London but from the Essex side you could try the Lauriston, a big pub in Hackney on Lauriston road. They installed a wood oven a year or so ago, I know it as we did a wood oven installation just around the corner in someones garden.
    It was a surprise to me that things have changed so much as it was squats and rents in '80's. I'm from Ilford originally but now near Bath in the west country.
    Another place thats getting a reputation is in the railway arches I think in Atlantic rd, Brixton. They make a sour dough pizza in a wood oven. A mate of mine reckons they're brilliant and quite cheap.

    happy hunting A


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      Re: Wood fired restaurants in UK?


      Thanks for the suggestions, I will look into those. Saw your build down in Surrey in the forum, looks excellent and what a place!
      Where did you get the actual oven from, if not from Forno?



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        Re: Wood fired restaurants in UK?

        In the end Terracotta Warehouse supplied the oven as they have a good turnaround and we buy quite a few of them. The Italian oven is pretty good for the price but watch their packing as the base turned up cracked and we decided to replace it with firebricks instead of waiting for another oven to turn up. Matthew, the new FB dealer in the UK seems pretty efficient and has ovens in stock now so we may go back to them in the future. The problem earlier was FB decided to make the ovens in the US so it was actually impossible to get them without buying a container load. With the new dealer, its not a problem any more.
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