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Ovens in the Mid Atlantic area

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  • Ovens in the Mid Atlantic area

    Hey folks,
    New oven builder (home build Allen Scot style) and starting the curing fires. Question, if you have not used your oven for a period of time is it suggested that, given the humidity in these parts, when restarting you start slow then ramp up to help drive off any humidity?

    Also how do you keep your wood dry besides covered? Again the humidity issue and smoke with "wet" wood.


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    Re: Ovens in the Mid Atlantic area

    You should cover your wood. It is best to have a roof over your wood rather than cover with a tarp. Tarps tend to keep moisture in. I built a wood crib with roof to protect wood from rain.

    If you are buying your firewood, it helps to find a supplier who truly has seasoned wood. Everyone claims to only have seasoned hardwood, and they are not always truthful.


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      Re: Ovens in the Mid Atlantic area

      One way of drying wood ( wet not "green ") is to use your oven and then stack it with timber when the temp goes below usable levels.
      This comes with a warning it has to be cleaned of all coals and embers. You got to have to oven at a low temp say under 100 f sounds good. Otherwise you could come back to an warm oven full of charcoal
      Regards dave
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