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Can I legally build a pizza oven at my backyard in NYC?

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  • Can I legally build a pizza oven at my backyard in NYC?

    Hello everyone,

    Just wondering if I could legally build my own pizza oven at my backyard without any requirements of permits.

    So the pizza oven design I have in mind will use natural gas to heat up the oven for 2 hours to reach 900F.
    After pizza oven reaches 900F, I'll add charcoals into the pizza oven and once the charcoals light up I'll cut off the natural gas.

    The pizza oven will now start retaining it's heat and thermal mass from the charcoals, I'll throw some small wood chunks to the charcoals to add some flavor.

    I'll cook my pizza this way.

    I read NYC completely banned wood as a fuel source for pizza ovens.
    I particularly don't like the idea to waste money of 85 LBs of good/premium wood to heat up my pizza oven up to 900F, this just sounds ridiculous of the people who heats up pizza oven to 900F using only wood, they have to baby sit the pizza oven while it's heating up, this is why I'll use natural gas.

    I'm only using few pieces of wood chunks, like the size of soda cans, maybe 4 of them to impart flavor to the pizza. Its the same concept of adding wood chunks to your charcoal barbeque grill.

    The natural gas pipping will be installed by a NYC licensed master plumber.

    Does it sound illegal, needs special permits or needs building inspector approval to build my planned pizza oven at my backyard in NYC?


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    Only your local building inspector can answer that question.

    But, to reply to one of your included questions: Pizza ovens are heated to pizza temperatures in different ways. Some use wood. Some use gas. Some use anthracite coal. The fact is wood smoke does not survive at pizza temps. No wood flavor is imparted to the pizza.
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