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Pompei build in Thailand

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  • Pompei build in Thailand

    Build a Pompei type oven in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand last summer.
    Apart from a couple of places in Bangkok, finding good pizza in Thailand is still a challenge. With Smokey House restaurant in Khao Yai gone, I had no more options for good Pizza in the province, so I decided to get my own. Going through he buy or build analysis, it turned out that building it myself would be about 5 times cheaper than having it build by a local company in southern Thailand specialising in this. Turned out to be a fun experience.

    Took me about a month of work. I sourced all materials form Thai suppliers, except the ceramic insulation blanket which I ordered in Europe and took with me on the plane.
    I had an iron frame welded by the local welder. Choose to make a table based model, so it would still be somehow mobile if I choose to move it.
    Used same firebricks for both base and Dome. Used wet type premix refractory mortar. As mentioned here and there on the forum, it is indeed a struggle to do the bricklaying with it, as it does not dry at all, but adding sand made it just sticky enough. Used Styrofoam-like arches to hold the stones in place.
    Covered the outside of the dome with a layer of wet refractory, which cracked heavily upon drying. i then filled up the cracks and kept it covered for many days. then applied 2 layers of ceramic insulation blanket, then covered with a normal mortar+vermiculite (coarse form) mix.

    it takes about 40 to 50 minutes to reach required heath. I typically preheat by inserting a gas stove in it for a while till it reaches 200 degrees, then proceed with wood. I only use Eucalyptus wood, dry type if i can find some from my local supplier.

    Most ingredients come from Makro, but ansjovies and black olives are taken from Europe in large quantities.

    Produces great Pizza, the best in town, no doubt!