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HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

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  • HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

    I need advise on who can help me with the final installation of a Toscana 90 I would like to buy.
    Here is what is going on: I built the foundation and base for the oven myself. I didn't want to build my own oven so I decided on the Toscana 90. When I called them to order it I was told that they deliver to my address but will not provide curbside assistance.
    I wasn't sure I understood them right. The oven weighs 1500 + lbs comes in a crate and you wont even help me get it off the truck? Nope!
    Their advise was that I should google for "fork lift rentals", rent one and do it myself.
    Has anyone in the Los Angeles area ordered a Toscana oven directly? If yes, how did you manage the delivery and final placement?
    Thanks for your help

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    Re: HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

    A Bobcat service might be able to help. I know some of them have forks that replace the bucket. Also a rental service might deliver the lift for you.

    The spec shows 1600 lbs.
    Ouch!! Be very careful, it's time for those steel toe boots and a bunch of burly friends...

    Do you by chance know a Rugby team?



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      Re: HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

      Hi Ralf,

      It's true that the Toscana ovens are a handful. We learned through experience that the crate is too big and too heavy to be safely unloaded from the delivery truck to the ground using a standard liftgate -- which is why you have to meet the delivery truck with a forklift or use a loading dock. Sorry about that!

      We have had customers contact their local forklift company, who will be able to provide an unload service -- where they meet the delivery truck and unload the crate.

      You might be able to use the same service to move the oven to where you want it, and set it on your oven stand.

      I know that this sounds tricky, but this is a piece of nature that we can't control. In a sense, that is why we offer smaller ovens (that can be set in place by hand) and modular ovens (where the various pieces can be easily carried by hand).

      The Toscana is a great oven -- it looks great, it cooks great and you don't have to mess around assembling it; but it's big and it's heavy.

      Good luck!!!
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        Re: HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

        Thanks guys for the feedback. After three days of thinking, calling and organizing I finally changed my mind. Instead of a ready made oven I will buy the Casa 2G 90 and build it myself.
        I am in the "might as well" stage by now, with a half finished structure sitting in my back yard. Since the first 4-5 steps of building have gone really smooth I can add 3 more and learn how to to this too, right?
        It will arrive next week Thursday on your truck. I'll let you know how it comes out.
        Thanks again,


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          Re: HELP!Toscana Oven delivery in/to Los Angeles

          Hi RalfT

          I think that is a good decision. I built a Casa and it went very well. I did hire a mason to do the facade of the oven and the chimney but... the preformed interior makes it all go pretty easily. Good Luck! Keep us informed!