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00 flour in central Utah?

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  • 00 flour in central Utah?

    Hi All!
    I have been cooking all summer but have been biting the bullet on buying 00 flour because of the price online. Right now I am using a 50:50 all-purpose/bread mix that works ok but I want to try 00. Does anyone know of anywhere local in central Utah to get 00 flour? The closest place I've found is a two-hour drive away in Logan (Central MIlling). I live in Provo.
    In the meantime, I am trying to make headway on actually finishing my oven. Now that it's functional, my 'oomf' to make it look pretty has dropped down on my priority list. But I finally decided on what it will look like finished, so that's a step in the right direction! I have a lot of odds and ends of firebrick that I am going to make a bed with for a solar oven out in the back of my property. I tried putting some in a portable solar oven that I have and they really soaked up the heat and kept it at cooking temperature a lot faster and longer than otherwise. I'll have to post something when I get it underway.