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00 flour in central Utah?

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  • 00 flour in central Utah?

    Hi All!
    I have been cooking all summer but have been biting the bullet on buying 00 flour because of the price online. Right now I am using a 50:50 all-purpose/bread mix that works ok but I want to try 00. Does anyone know of anywhere local in central Utah to get 00 flour? The closest place I've found is a two-hour drive away in Logan (Central MIlling). I live in Provo.
    In the meantime, I am trying to make headway on actually finishing my oven. Now that it's functional, my 'oomf' to make it look pretty has dropped down on my priority list. But I finally decided on what it will look like finished, so that's a step in the right direction! I have a lot of odds and ends of firebrick that I am going to make a bed with for a solar oven out in the back of my property. I tried putting some in a portable solar oven that I have and they really soaked up the heat and kept it at cooking temperature a lot faster and longer than otherwise. I'll have to post something when I get it underway.


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    An unfortunate truth is that "type 00" is a meaningless statement outside of Italy.

    Within Italy, it means that it is milled from soft wheat and that the ash content is very low. There are different *kinds of type 00 for different kinds of baking.

    CM is well regarded but their "00" flours are closer to an italian type 2.

    Additionally, protein content is measured differently in Italy, so the 12.5% of caputo blue for example is probably closer to 11% by US standards.

    If it's sub-90-second, 900-degree-deck Neapolitan you are chasing, you need a flour w/o malt or enzymes, and i don't think CM offers one.

    But chances are good that you can find an unmalted AP flour that will work fine.

    If you really want to try actual italian 00, I think i may have seen caputo blue at Harmons in Orem.