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Wine Drenched Sausages in a clay pot!

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  • Wine Drenched Sausages in a clay pot!

    This works with Italian and Argentinian

    *I only cook using clay pots from the local mountains but this can work in a small pot or pan. you just want the liquids confined in a small place so that it cover half the body of the link. Other was triple or quadruple the recipe and do it in a large cast iron pan.

    2 large sausage links in casing
    1/4 cup of good red wine
    1/8 TBL of good EVOO
    pinch of sea salt
    3 crack of fresh pepper

    hot spicy mustard
    flat rosemary bread or foccacia cut into 5 in squares.

    Score the links on both side
    oven should be at 450' with a flame going
    Place all first 5 ingredients in clay pot
    Place in oven close to fire. I even make a bed of hot coals for it to sit on.
    Cook 15-20 min flipping them every 5 min cook less or more depending on how you like it
    Its ready when the skin is taught and the meat moist but not pink.
    The wine should have been reduced to this fatty, thicker heavenly sauce that is great to dip bread or pizzas in.

    Serve with spicy mustard of your choice and bread.
    This is my biggest seller at my restaurant.
    Don't tell anyone LOL

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    Re: Wine Drenched Sausages in a clay pot!

    The recipe sounds great! Thanks for sharing. What type of sausage do you suggest?
    Mike - Saginaw, MI

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      Re: Wine Drenched Sausages in a clay pot!

      I use spicy italian sausage in its casing


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        Re: Wine Drenched Sausages in a clay pot!

        This sounds great. I always buy Johnsonville Hot Italian Sausages at Costco.
        Thank you, I'll try this recipe on my next firing.

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