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Baked Brie

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    Re: Baked Brie

    The one my kids like is wood roasted large Whole Brie with wrapped in streaky bacon garlic & basil wood roasted until the bacon is crispy

    We cut a few little stripe in the top of one side of the brie and put a slice of garlic in each one then rub the out side of the brie in the garlic and basil and wrap in the bacon,
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      Re: Baked Brie

      My version...

      Place a piece of pre made pie dough down.
      Add raspberry preserves in the middle of the pie dough
      Put a round piece of Brie on top of the raspberries
      Pull the pie dough up on the sides and over the Brie
      Flip over so the crease is on the bottom and the raspberry part is on top

      I put mine in a small metal caphalon skillet and baked in the front of the oven.
      Serve with some slices of french bread.

      It was a big hit.



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        Re: Baked Brie

        I did a similar thing once, only with puff pastry dough and raspberry chipotle salsa. It was wonderful. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it was on the label of the salsa jar.


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          Re: Baked Brie

          yet another version

          Puff pastry dough
          handful of walnuts
          handfull of brown sugar
          Egg Wash

          Roll out dough
          1/2 handful of sugar and nuts on dough - then place the brie - then the remaining nuts and sugar on top.

          take a fork and all around the puff pastry put about 1/4 inch of the fork tines in the dough to make a pretty indentaions. Now gather up the dough and tie with a piece of string. It should now look like a pretty little package.

          Brush with egg wash, stick it in the oven till golden brown and ENJOY!!
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            Re: Baked Brie


            It looks so beautiful,you did a great job by putting this inormation and its very fascinating.