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Puff Pastry on a sheet

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  • Puff Pastry on a sheet

    A good friend of ours has been rolling out puff pastry on a sheet pan and then topping it with a variety of things....basically you can use your favorite vegetables, and/or meats, and/or cheeses, and/or spices.

    It makes a large and tasty appetizer and I'm sure it will work in the WFO so I'll post my pictures later.

    Maybe a nice twist on the Baked Brie I posted.
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    Re: Puff Pastry on a sheet

    I tried puff pasty last night and the bottoms burnt...any suggestions?


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      Re: Puff Pastry on a sheet

      WE use puff pastry regularly. My particular favourite is 1/4 of a sheet with two apricot halves placed along the centre, then fold two opposite corners into the middle, place onto a buttered baking dish (this will stop the bottom from burning) sprinkle with sugar. Cook at around 200 C Serve with icecream, cream or custard. They look so professional.
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