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  • Gouda loaf

    These pictures are a good year old, but Jims puff pastry picture made me think to share this.

    I took my brother in laws cheese experiment and added a bit to it.

    He was taking cresent roll dough and wrapping it around one of those red wax wrapped gouda cheese wheels.

    I took the small cheese wheel and cut it in half horizontally so I had two circles of cheese.

    After you pop and release the cresent roll dough, it un rolls into 4 diagonallly separated squares - I place the cheese between two "squares" and seal the edges. I cut off the corners and make designs to seal the diagonal perforations.

    Bake them in the entry of the oven - similar to Dave's crab stuffed mushrooms and you get a flaky cheesy goodness. - I bet very similar to the puff pastry cheese mentioned here as well.

    The experiment where we rolled the cheese into the crescent rolls did not go so well...

    My oven progress -