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Nutella Pizza

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  • Nutella Pizza

    Along side my WFO research/design, I am working on my pizza recipes.

    This past weekend I changed up my Nutella Pizza recipe and it was a hit. I didn't see a similar dough recipe on the forum, so here it is:

    1)Use the same process as your pizza dough, but add some extra sugar. (Make sure it has been well kneaded)

    2)after rolling out into a fairly thin pizza crust, let it rise for another 10mins

    3)par-bake the crust in your hot (minimum 500 degrees) oven until it puffs up like a balloon and turns light brown on top.

    4)take the crust out and cut around the outside of 3/4 of the crust so you can open it up and stuff it with Nutella (+other ingredients)

    5)toss it back in the oven to heat it up, then add some icing sugar on top and serve.


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    Re: Nutella Pizza

    Hi PizzaKidd,

    Wow that sounds like a great pizza! You just made me hungry for dessert. At our next pizza party we will for sure be trying this out. I plan on enjoying this!

    Amber @ Forno Bravo


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      Re: Nutella Pizza

      ROCK ON - that sounds brilliant - well done fella
      Regards - Andy


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        Re: Nutella Pizza

        Lately I have tweaked my method:

        I usually try to make my pizza dough 1 day ahead and let it age in the fridge for a day before using it. I like the dough better this way, and it makes prep very easy when it is time to make the pizzas.

        After making the pizza dough, I keep some out for my Nutella pizzas and cook the shells right away, just let them puff and cut them, then put them in the fridge with the dough. The next day when you make your pizzas, just add the Nutella to the inside of the shells and brown them.

        I found that if I try to use dough which has been aged for Nutella pizza it doesn't puff as well.