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Finally -- A Dessert Recipe!

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  • Finally -- A Dessert Recipe!

    Figs are a very traditional Mediterranean food, and we have had access to trees in various houses -- including our summer rental in Provence. I think we'll plant a fig tree in Healdsburg.

    This dish uses the top and bottom heat of a brick oven to heat the figs, brown the top of the dish into a nice glaze, and make a nice natural sauce.

    One pound of ripe figs (about 4-6 per person)
    4 Tbl of honey
    One container of greek yogurt

    Cut the figs in half and arrange in a terra cotta pan with the cut side up.

    Drizzle the honey over the figs.

    Using heat retained in your brick oven, bake the figs uncovered until they are heated through, and the tops are brown and glazed. This only takes a few minutes, so bake the figs right before you serve them. It should only take a few minutes in a moderately hot oven.

    Drizzle the greek yogurt over the hot figs and put the baking dish directly on the table.

    Finally -- a great brick oven dessert recipe. La dolce vita.
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    How is Greek Yogurt different then the garden variety supermarket stuff?


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      Good morning Jim,

      Try Greek yogurt and a little honey for breakfast. :-)

      I think there are two or three differences. Greek yogurt is often made from Sheeps Milk, and is higher fat than the local stuff -- so it is more creamy and a little tangy (but not too strong). We've had fresh, non pastuerized versions in some places -- which, which like a lot of cheeses, gives you really great flavors.

      Trader Joe's whole milk yogurt might be the closest.

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        Whole Foods sells the imported Greek "Fage" brand of yoghurt.Once you eat this with fresh fruit and honey you will never want to eat a domestic yoghurt again!It's like comparing an authentic Neapolitan Pizza to Pizza Hut.You can stand your spoon up in this Yoghurt, it is so dense and creamy.It's just a shame it has taken me 14 years to find it in the USA!


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          Figs/Proscuitto/Goat Cheese

          I just tried a recipe for Figs Today...very, very tasty- more of an appetizer than a dessert

          12 Figs

          1 small package of mild goat cheese

          1/4 pound prosciutto



          Remove stems from figs. Using a small sharp knife open up the fig from the top to about the middle with an X-cut. Place a small amount of goat's cheese into the opening. Wrap the fig with a piece of prosciutto and secure with a tooth pick. Place figs on a baking sheet, drizzle honey over them and put under the broiler just until prosciutto starts to sizzle. You only want to warm these up and melt the cheese just a bit. These are sweet and salty, creamy and gooey. You'll love them!


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            Chocolate/strawberry pizza

            Had you experienced the chocolate/strawberry pizza? It is a perfect end to pizza dinner!
            Your preferred pizza dough (I like Varazzano?s Patsy or Tom Lenhman?s one) as thinner as you can!
            An half pound chocolate bar (your preference, I like semi bitter), rasped.
            Cleaned and shopped strawberries (something between half/one pound)
            Shape your pizza dough as usual (in this case, you could use the rolling pin, if you like), top the rasped chocolate all over the shaped dough and then the strawberries.
            Cook until the pizza rim be browned and the chocolate melted (in my brick oven it takes 2?)
            Eat a lot of slices.

            Blend the chocolate with two tablespoons of milk cream to soft, mild topping.
            Blend the chocolate with two tablespoons of condensed milk to more sweet (heavy) topping.