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Pignoli Cookies

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  • Pignoli Cookies

    We make them every year. We have yet to find a recipe that allows them to stay soft enough to eat after a few days. Does anyone have an ingredient that will keep them moist the way those purchased in a pastry shop stay soft?
    Bill aka burntfingers

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    Re: Pignoli Cookies

    I have never had that problem - most they last is overnight, and then they're great with morning coffee

    Here is a recipe from Italian Food Forever Italian Food Forever - Italian Recipes!. The comments about soft and hard texture, plus freezing for storage, may be of use to you:

    Pignoli Cookies
    A perfect addition to any holiday cookie tray, these delicious traditional cookies will be a hit with family and friends alike. To make this cookie, almond flavored dough is rolled in pine nuts, which is then baked until golden brown. These cookies do not store that well, so if I need to keep them longer than a couple of days, I store them in the freezer and remove them as needed. By baking the cookies a little less, you will have a soft cookie, while baking them longer will give you a chewy cookie. You can decide on the type of cookie you prefer.

    Although many Pignoli Cookie recipes do not add flour, I find it really helps the cookie keep it's shape. Canned almond paste is better than the one found in a tube as it is softer and easier to work with.

    The finished cookie should be just lightly golden in color on both the top and the bottom. I cannot let any holiday go by without baking a batch of these delicious cookies!

    Makes 2 Dozen
    by Deborah Mele

    1 (8 oz) Can Almond Paste

    1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar

    1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar

    1/4 Cup All-purpose Flour

    2 Medium Egg Whites, Lightly Beaten

    8 Ounces Pine Nuts

    Extra Powdered Sugar To Finish

    Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Prepare two baking sheets with parchment paper, or use silicone linings. Place the pine nuts in a bowl.

    In a food processor, break up the almond paste into small pieces, and pulse with the two sugars and the flour. Once the mixture is finely ground, begin to add the egg whites a little at a time, just until the dough comes together. Depending on the humidity, or the size of your egg whites, sometimes you may need all of the egg whites, while other times you won't.

    Using a spoon and slightly wet hands, scoop a small spoonful of the dough, and place this into the bowl of pignoli. Roll the cookie arround until it is lightly coated, and then place it on the prepared baking sheet. Continue forming the cookies in this manner, placing them 2 inches apart on the baking pan. Bake the cookies 20 to 25 minutes, and then cool. Dust lightly with powdered sugar before serving.

    Buon Appetito!
    Deborah Mele 2002
    Un amico degli amici.


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      Re: Pignoli Cookies

      We use a 2 1/2 lb can of almond paste in our recipe that is why we need them to last more than overnight. 2 doz cookies last about 15 minutes here.