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Some things are best left for the Weber

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  • Some things are best left for the Weber

    Having been excited with cooking a variety of things in my new wfo I'm slowing beginning to realize that certain things are better done with more efficiency in my old trusted Weber 22" charcoal kettle.
    Take chicken hot wings for example. I've done several batches of them in the wfo so far and find I spend far less time doing them on the Weber instead with slightly better results. For one thing, they are so much easier to turn and baste individually. Maneuvering and rearranging trays and pans in the wfo can get a bit frustrating at times too. Instead of wishing I had a larger oven I've set up pans and trays in two tiers using bricks to maximize space.
    Ribs and steaks so far have been fantastic in the wfo.

    Next time when I do pizzas and hot wings I'll be sure to fire up the Weber along side the wfo...

    My 34" WFO build

    Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO

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    Re: Some things are best left for the Weber

    That is why I built the grill next to the oven. I did Fajitas last night, 5 minutes on the grill then 3 hours in the oven.