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Afraid to cook non-bread items in oven

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  • Afraid to cook non-bread items in oven

    I bought my casa 90 specifically for pizza and love it.

    Now I will be attempting some bread, but I do want to try other foods (salmon, steaks, etc) but I'm afraid about those foods leaving some residual smell which would affect my pizza. Is this silly?

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    I roast several heads of garlic, salmon, lamb shanks, asparagus, onions, shallots, you name it. No Smell.

    Your oven indoores does not smell after cooking, same with wood burning oven


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      I can't imagine that any smell will hang around after it gets up to 750-800 again...
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        high heat

        Even the wood we use loses it's smell in the inferno. I heat with alder to start my fire and maple or cherry to cook pizza, woods that are commonly used to flavor food. The only difference is how long the wood burns and how easy to combust, but there is no 'wood smell' like you would want with barbecue. Take the plunge, it'll be fun!

        I suggest a pot roast for your first attempt - it's very simple as far as retained heat recipes go. I think James has suggested searing the meat in the oven first, then adding the liquid (broth, wine, water), veggies (carrot, celery, onion) and any herbs/spices. Roast potatoes in the oven on the side. About three hours to happiness.


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          Forno Bravo Cooking

          I find cooking roasts, fish, vegetables, et al as one of the great pleasures of wood fired cooking. There are quite a few recipes on Forno Bravo Cooking, and really, I should be posting more. I recently re-worked the layout of the Cooking pages, and added search, browse, etc. I've made every dish on the list, and there are recipes that I now only make in a wood-fired oven -- they are that much better. I think there are about 40 recipes, and I would like to see a thousand. If anyone has a recipe they like, send it to me, and I will post it on the site.

          Take a look here: http://fornobravo.com/brick_oven_cooking/cook.html

          It's a work in progress, and getting better, so I will look to you for recipes and recommendations.

          One more thing. You won't have a problem with fat or smells. Your brick oven cooks hotter than the self-clean cycle on your conventional oven, so everything just burns off.

          Arthur, have fun roasting.
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            Cast Iron

            After my folks both passed, away I inherited their collection of cast iron pans, etc. The include a small to medium sized dutch oven with the lid, a couple of corn bread pans [where the pieces look like ears of corn], several skillets [including one that is 14" in diameter] and an Aebleskiver pan. I can't wait to try these out.

            J W