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Breads of the World Cooking Classes, SF

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  • Breads of the World Cooking Classes, SF

    We recently received an email from the San Francisco Baking Institute re: a great upcoming cooking class series: Breads of the World. For those of you in the SF Bay Area, check it out!

    From SFBI (

    Ahhhhh the summer is here and so is the sun in San Francisco. I am sure this is one reason why our classes are filled, but mainly it is because of your wonderful support. We have added new classes to the calendar so you will not miss out on the fun. SFBI now has something for everyone - from world-class bakers to novices bakers.

    To register, call us at 650.589.5784 or email Laura at

    Best Regards,
    The SFBI Team

    Breads Of World

    August 22-26
    Take a 5 day class with Didier Rosada and learn to bake bread from all over the world. Start with breads from South America and Central America ( Mmmmm Mexican Conchas), then move to North African Breads ( Algeria and Morocco) and Eastern Europe Breads (Georgia and Armenia), before ending the tour some European Breads ( German, Portuguese, Irish, Italian,etc) Come and join the fun!

    German Breads

    October 3-7!
    This 5 day workshop is taught by Thorsten Philippi, a bakery owner in Germany who comes once a year to share his knowledge with us! Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to learn to make authentic German breads, ( Rye bread, Pretzels, rolls, Pumpernickel, and more!)

    Upcoming Classes and Dates:

    Artisan 1:
    October 10-14th
    November 7-11
    December 5-9

    Artisan 2:
    November 14-18
    December 12-16

    Pastry Series start in October!
    Exploring the Ingredients: October 3-7
    Tarts,Pies, Puff and Choux: October 10-14
    Cake Base, Creams and Composition: October 17-21
    Modern Cake Methods and Design: October 24-28
    Viennoiserie I: November 14-18
    Exploring the Ingredients: December 5-9

    Weekend Class
    Introduction to Baguettes: August 13-14
    Introduction to Baguettes:August 27-28 ( full)
    Sourdough at Home: October 1-2
    Puff Pastry: November 12-13
    Specialty Breads at Home: November 12-13
    Introduction to Baguettes: December 10-11
    French Macaroons: December 10-11

    The San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI) is a world-renowned leader in artisan bread and pastry education. SFBI's global alumni include thousands of professionals and enthusiasts. We also consult to top domestic and international bakeries. Experts praise us for raising the standard of bread and pastry education. Critics have hailed our book, Advanced Bread and Pastry, as the authoritative textbook in the field.

    SFBI offers a unique and invaluable educational experience. We're the only school in the United States dedicated exclusively to artisan baking. Our faculty and staff are experts in their field as professionals, consultants, and educators. Students receive hands-on, "real-world" experience with the latest baking equipment and technology, along with an understanding of artisan baking techniques and values. Graduates of our professional program can learn about all aspects of operating a retail bakery through internships in our student bakery, Thorough Bread and Pastry.

    We hope to see you at SFBI soon! Call us at 650.589.5784 or visit us online (San Francisco Baking Institute | Pastry Chef | Baking School | Pastry School | Bread | Pastry | Education |).

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    Re: Breads of the World Cooking Classes, SF

    SFBI comes highly recommended and is worth building a vacation around if you aren't in the SF area. In addition to the classes listed above they also have workshops in things like Whole Wheat and WFO Baking (typically once a year).