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Pizza Crust Yeast?

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  • Pizza Crust Yeast?

    What on earth is "Pizza Crust Yeast?" It's a Fleischmann product. Package says "No rise time or proofing needed - just make and bake."

    Also says "NOT recommended for bread baking." (I should think not.)

    Recipe on package has you making the dough, topping it, and baking.

    Ingredients are yeast, sorbitan monosterate, ascorbic acid, L-cysteine, and enzymes. The first two are in ADY, the first three are in Fleischmann's Breadmachine Yeast.

    I don't plan to try it - my sourdough takes about 48 hours or longer, which is fine with me - I'm of the "time is the baker's friend" school of thought - but I am curious.

    Anyone know anything about it?


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    Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

    Hi kmrice,

    We often used the "pizza yeast" bwfo. (before wood fired oven) Now we only use it when we're in a hurry and want pizza for dinner on a moments notice. The crust doesn't have the taste or texture of raised yeast pizza dough, but that is the trade-off for a quick dough.


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      Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

      Unless I am mistaken the pizza yeast is mixed to enhance extensibility. As I recall it also has more yeast to accelerate the rising - so the effect is a relatively tasteless, extensible dough - almost instantly. It has no properties that would be desirable in conventional bread.


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        Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

        And few, it would seem, that would be desirable in pizza crust.



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          Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

          Well, speed when you are in a hurry, and extensibility which also helps when you are in a hurry since you don't want to give it time to relax....But...NONE of the characteristics are IMO beneficial if you have TIME to do it right!


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            Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

            I hadn't heard about this specialty yeast until this thread. Very intersting. Sounds like an extremely rapid rise (and maybe even a mroe heat-resistant) yeat formulation.

            Their ad:

            (quote) Easy to Make Crust
            Mix. Knead. Shape. It’s easy to make great homemade pizza in just 30 minutes!(unquote)

            Their instructions (paraphrased):

            Mix ingredients, knead for 4 minutes, roll out, top, and bake.

            Sounds like a 15 minute process to me!

            They say it contains dough relaxers -- there must be lots of that included!!
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              Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

              Probably a LOT of yeast, both dead and alive. The alive yeast will leaven it and the dead yeast is an extensability enhancer! If you mixed up regular dough to proper development you could not get it into a pie shape in half an hour! Funny!


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                Re: Pizza Crust Yeast?

                I was a bit skeptical of this product myself, but hey, 30 minutes for a pizza? It was the most disgusting pizza I ever ate The yeasty taste was very overpowering.

                I do wonder if a strain of yeast specific for good pizza(texture,taste) has been developed??