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Pizza to Bread to Meat

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  • Pizza to Bread to Meat

    Getting to know my new strada and I wanted to go from making pizza to baking bread to leaving a pork butt in the oven over night from one firing of the oven. The issue is they have to be done in that order but it is recommended that the coals be removed for bread baking but they should be in for the slow roasting of the meat. I just left the coals in for the bread rather than take them out and put them back in. The bread was charred but edible. I was thinking in the future I could just put in one loaf and at time (rather than two) and keep the dough as far from the coals as possible and it might be okay. Thought I would check in and see if there are any other ideas on to work this out.

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    Re: Pizza to Bread to Meat

    I don't think leaving the coals in is a good idea...uneven temps from the coals and possibly a smoky taste.... Remove the coals, put them out, and relight them for your roast if you choose. I smoke/cook the rubbed Butt on the gril/smoker over hickory and oak till I get a internal of 160, then wrap in foil, and put in a 200- 225 or so oven till internal is 190...low and slow...no need for coals as the Butt already has the flavor and it won't be dry because its wrapped. When I bake bread , it all goes in at the same time, 5-8 boules, helps to keep moisture in the oven, plus I mist a few times as well.
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